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FVWD provides a simple solution for your web presence and marketing strategies; SEO structured development.

Understanding that sales and customers are far more important to you has led us to provide our customers with powerful website development tools to assist business owners in getting a jump on the competition. Start with a complete complimentary Assessment as this will provide you the knowledge of what your next step should be; hence provide you the solutions to take your business to the next level. FVWD <Fraser Valley Web Design> provides streamlined services to create the optimal environment for your web presence.

What is SEO Structured Web Development?

Websites can be tedious and complex. This sometimes makes the marketability of a website next to non existent. When you have a website that is fancier than fancy itself, you are typically using high end graphics and effects to impress your visitors. This can slow down the website and affect the user experience. Having a site that competitive speed, displays well, is professional, and conveys the right message is a great start. FVWD takes that to a whole new level. Traditionally, you would have a website built by one company and visit another for the marketing. We are marketers who build websites so your website is search engine friendly and ready to meet the world when we launch.

Looking for SEO Keywords?

Search Engine Optimization <SEO> is more than just a bunch of keywords thrown on a webpage that describe your business. Keywords are a minimal part of the SEO Structured Web Development we do. Coordinating your content with focus and finding the perfect focus words and phrases for each page only scratch the surface of how your web site is built. Image and Page optimization becomes a major factor in providing a quality marketable web presence.

FVWD provides your completed project the foundation for success online. Take advantage of the complimentary Web Assessment today and find out where you can benefit and increase your exposure on the internet and in your local community.


Web Design - SEO - Fraser ValleyFVWD will implement proper web standards , accessibility, calls to action, and insure your new website is Mobile Ready! Your new marketing engine needs to be functional and viewable on all devices to increase profitability.

Your new website can take on one of many personalities. Perhaps a blog, e-Commerce store, business portfolio, or just a standard business website; but no matter, your website requires a return on investment. Through the use of WordPress, the deliverable you receive from FVWD will provide you the expandable solution to allow your business to grow.

Creating your visual identity on the web includes many strategies from the basic design to the SEO, and of course Social Media Marketing. FVWD can implement all 3 core aspects into your web development project instead of you having to include multiple contractors for your project.

Tell the world online who you are and take advantage of the awesome branding opportunities that arise from natural exposure of your website. Every website we development has the tools and structure to bring the search engines to you. Search engine friendly websites are what we do.

Your online business goals are our business; On Time, On Budget, Completely Functional. Contact Us Today!

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