What Is SEO?

Abbotsford SEO - SEO Fraser ValleySEO (Search Engine Optimization) is one of the main marketing strategies to building a successful Internet business. It is one of the fundamentals to getting found online. At Fraser Valley Web Design (FVWD) we know that the process of properly optimizing websites so that you gain more exposure and become more visible while branding yourself is crucial. It is all about having your business being found and becoming successful.

The more frequently that search engines return your site in search results, the more traffic it will receive. The more traffic that your site receives, the better it appears in the eyes of the search engines, conferring status on your site as one of authority and valuable information.

Studies show that top placement in web searches increases traffic and provides a very favorable return in comparison to traditional forms of advertising. SEO is a strategy tool that can optimize your ranking among search engines. We know the importance of tailoring your website so that it is built upon strong fundamentals whilst being flexible enough to address the frequent changes that may affect your presence on the internet – from algorithm changes, to change of focus and to direct online engagement. It is a major challenge keeping up with the demands that these changes present and still have a winning strategy.

SEO Strategy

Having good SEO strategies is a must if you want to stand above and differentiate yourself from your competition. FVWD believes in and understands the many intricacies of building strong Search Engine Optimization methods for you. Our job is to get you discovered by the search engines, by your clients and by your future customers. We do that by constant incremental marketing that produces exponential results. Simply put; Our Aim is to Have You Rank at the Top!

Search Engine Optimization includes a variety of services that provide web ranking solutions. Regardless of your online efficiency goals, employing one or all of these strategies is a necessity when looking to achieve online success.

The Audit

The first step a Professional SEO specialist will take is evaluating your current situation and positioning through a Website SEO Audit. An audit evaluates each of the fundamental strategies outlined below as well as your social media presence.

SEO Website MarketingOn-Page SEO

On-Page SEO incorporates a wide variety of fundamental elements such as page titles, content, headings, internal link structure, and the overall organization of your content. Techniques used in On-Page SEO come in basic and comprehensive services. Basic services can be a one-time single page optimization along with recommendations for additional pages. A comprehensive service typically includes multiple pages, SEO audits and ongoing optimization of ever changing content.

Link Development (Link Building)

Link Development has become one of the most complex aspects in SEO. If not done just right, you are penalized by the major search engines including Google. Backlinks for example, need to be as organic and natural as possible. Buying links that direct back to your website is a big NO-NO, and be sure not to list your website link in ezines or link farm sites.  Creating quality links to your website can be time consuming, but remember that quality is better than quantity. With recent changes to Google and other search engine algorithms, quality organic links from other sites are what you need. Outgoing links are also very important and should be done strategically. For example, many website content pages have no links inside their content; linking to other useful networks or information can definitely improve your online positioning as long as it is relevant. For example, we would love for you to Like Us on Facebook. Link Development is an SEO strategy that definitely takes time but will benefit you and your website at the end of the day when done right!

SEO Content Writing

Content writing. This is something we have always gone against the grain on. Nobody knows your business better than you and that is exactly how you should display your content. We used a copywriter before and the content simply did not make any sense to you, our visitor. So we wrote it ourselves and then voila, folks just like you understood what we were talking about. There is a difficulty factor when evaluating content and how advanced the material may be; keeping it simple is so important. Think of it this way; you are an expert in what you do and the products or services you provide. That is why someone is contacting you. Using a lot of industry jargon and complex terminology will usually make your visitor uncomfortable and sometimes intimidated. Keep your content simple and try writing it yourself. If writing is not a strong point for you, then perhaps have a copywriter review your materials and piece it together to create flow. No matter what content you write or have written, a SEO specialist will always let you know how it may need to change here and there to optimize your webpage.

SEO Meta Data CodeCode Optimization

Code optimization here at Fraser Valley Web Design is done inline with our web project builds. While we build, we optimize. This is done on every project. Code not done correctly can hinder your site, but code done properly can alleviate clutter, present your content in an easy to understand format and also increase the speed in which your webpages load. So many factors come into play when we refer to code optimization and when done correctly, your website benefits in a monster way.

SEO Done Right!

All professional SEO specialists will incorporate the above into their work but also include keyword research, ranking reports and more.

To Learn More About our SEO services, please contact us and provide us with your website address so we can do an assessment. From there, we can discuss options we can provide to you.

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