Autumn Pathways!Autumn is upon us and what is it about this season that makes it so desirable? I have created my own little list and wonder if you see anything you like. At Fraser Valley Web Design by CD, we love Autumn because it simply is a wonderful time of year for everything!

Many companies run traditional specials when this time of year hits to really emphasize their love for the season. Some may think that it is just a marketing ploy, well, perhaps it is in some cases, but for many, these same special products make the season that much better. #Starbucks has their traditional Pumpkin Spice Latte; a drink that still has thousands waiting with great anticipation for it’s seasonal return.

Autumn Fall Season

The Air is Clean and Fresh!
Crisp mornings seem to bring a cleaner air that you simply want to breath in deep. We have all done it when we get outside on a cool Autumn morning. It just seems that the air is so much fresher at this time of year.

Comfy Fall Sweater

Those Comfy Sweaters and Hoodies!
We all have one….yes, a comfy sweater or hoodie which simply brings us warmth and comfort. So many of us wait for that first day of Fall when we can break out our favourite sweater or hoodie.

Changing Seasons Autumn Fall

Changing Seasons!
Living in British Columbia has so many benefits all year long if you love the outdoors. One of those is its natural beauty when Autumn rolls into town. The variety of colour from the beautiful yellows to deep reds; our mountain sides and neighbourhoods are full of vibrant colour.

Green Bay Packers NFL Football

Yes, of course this made our list. Football season for NFL and CFL lovers is in full swing and there is no shortage of tailgate parties throughout North America. As one of our passionate past times, it brings friends together to cheer on their favourite teams!

Thanksgiving Turkey

Whether you are Canadian or American, Thanksgiving is when we fill up on Turkey, Ham, and Stuffing! Families across North America get together and celebrate this traditional holiday. Gobble Gobble!

Happy Halloween

I am a true lover of Halloween. Ghouls, Goblins and Trick or Treating is simply a wonderful and fun time of year. A little haunting for the neighbourhood really gets you into the spirit.

Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie!
We can’t forget Pumpkin Pie! Actually, Autumn typically brings all the pie baking to the forefront. Warm Pie and Hot Apple Cider; a wonderful treat during this time of year.

I was thinking that with the wonderful Fall Season that I enjoy so much, we should meet up and have a conversation over a Seasonal Fall Coffee. Let me know if you are available during the week of October 12-16 and we can meet up at a local Fraser Valley Starbucks. Perhaps we simply get to know one another and the type of business we operate or perhaps you want to discuss your current business goals and how Fraser Valley Web Design by CD can assist you in achieving them. Whichever it is, the week of Canadian Thanksgiving is a perfect week to connect with new faces and perhaps some who we haven’t seen in a while.

If you are thinking this is something you wish to do, let me know and we can set it up! Contact Me either through this website or my LinkedIn profile.

Article Written By: Colin De Cristofaro, CEO, Fraser Valley Web Design by CD

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