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……..that having a ton of paid links into your website does not necessarily improve your ranking? Yes, they are inbound links, but, they are through a paid source.

Right now we are talking about Business Directories and I am not saying they are bad in any way as they do increase traffic, which in turn does improve your ranking. However, from an inbound link perspective, they only do so much. A business directory listing is an absolute fabulous way to market your business. More Exposure = Better Branding!

Business Profiles Fraser ValleyHow do we make business directories work for us?
When you purchase or list for free in a directory online, whether a national or local directory, be sure to complete all the information they allow you to enter. For example, one of the most common fields left vacant is the businesses Hours of Operation. Why would you leave this blank? Even Google and Facebook render this as a valuable piece of information and they proudly display it in your profile when you create one with them. Be sure to complete all aspects of every business listing you create. There are some better directories to list in as their teams are avid marketers, and we at http://vgo.afe.myftpupload.com do share that information with clients, but just getting your business into directories is a great start.

What is my next step in building my own popularity?
Organic links are definitely the way to go. Include your website link with everything you do, every post, every article, every business listing, every classified ad, etc. This is not only a great traffic strategy; it is also an awesome branding opportunity. If your domain is catchy or descriptive, you definitely want to push it out there and have it as a highlight for your business profile, listing, or article. We have advertising all over the globe in 100’s if not 1000’s of communities. EVERY listing, profile, and article out there has our website either written into it, or posted along side of it. Some free business listings and article sites won’t allow you to list your website address without paying, which is fine, but there are other ways of getting around that.

Here’s how:
Fraser Valley Business Article WritingYou write an amazing article and you don’t want to lose potential traffic / business because the site you are on won’t allow you to post your website link. Your budget is beyond tight and you are just looking for that window of opportunity to get ahead. In your amazing article work in your business name, city location, and perhaps your owners name, where you can be found in different social media outlets online. Most people who like what they read, including myself, will definitely take a moment and find you online through either Google or Social Media. Sometimes, this can work out to your advantage especially if through Google as it is simply another click through their search engine to your website.

Most business directory, profile, and article websites allow you to put a link to your website on their website. It is becoming more common as it is typically display and premium advertising these companies earn the real revenue from.

If you want to know more about this topic or are interested in starting a marketing campaign and need some assistance, be sure to contact us for more information on how http://vgo.afe.myftpupload.com can be of assistance.

Article Written By: Colin De Cristofaro, CEO, Fraser Valley Web Design by CD

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