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Chilliwack MountainChilliwack, a Fraser Valley city, is situated adjacent to Abbotsford on the East side. From farm fields to mountain sides, Chilliwack is an outdoor recreational paradise year round with many different activities to enjoy from days at a local lake, to hiking the local mountains, river rafting, and so much more.

As the economy grows with new business investment dollars, Chilliwack is growing online. You can find many business directories for the city and even more medium sized corporations staking their place in the online community.

Did you know that a study done by showed that over 93% of all business websites are not mobile friendly. This is an astonishing number considering how 96% of consumers researched a product using a mobile device!

Everyday more and more consumers are using their mobile phones to find your business and want to learn more about the products and services you offer. If they can’t find you, that is a problem. If your website is not mobile responsive, then you are really in trouble. Being mobile responsive is a necessity in business and so much so that Google defines sites that are mobile responsive as more relevant in search results. Meaning, if your site is not mobile responsive, your ranking, if any, will slowly diminish.

Our business caters to the planet but being situated in the Fraser Valley allows us to cater to Chilliwack businesses in a different way by understanding the local demographics first hand. The knowledge we bring to the table provides businesses that extra little step. We treat every business differently and personalize our services to meet with your requirements while addressing your short and long range goals.

Chilliwack SEOMany feel that if you have an awesome state of the art website it is enough. Perhaps, if you are that fruit stand along the Princeton Highway it might be, but in Chilliwack, the Fraser Valley, or Greater Vancouver area, the need to pair that website up with a strategic marketing plan utilizing SEO and Social Media is simply a requirement.

Some have told us; “we already use Social Media to grow our business because it worked for someone else so we don’t need a new website or SEO”. Our response, “Yes, Social Media is strong, but utilizing it alone has really only worked for a very small percentage of individuals on the planet and more than likely, they are also utilizing a supporting marketing effort that you are not aware of”. A strong website with an optimized environment is a basic necessity for any and all businesses in the consumer world today and that includes Chilliwack. It provides benefits beyond your expectations including but not limited to Branding.

We invite you to get a complimentary web assessment from us so you can see your current positioning.

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