Writing Is 2nd

Writing for a website is chosen right after the graphics & photos needed to grab people’s attention.

That’s why writers ask so many questions:
– Who are we trying to reach?
– What do we know about them?
– What do they need? How do they feel?
– What are the details of the service or product?
– What are the steps your customers go through when considering a purchase?

As a copywriter, their job is to move people toward sales action. Well-planned websites can achieve a number of business objectives. However we can’t forget that people also read emails, letters, advertising, brochures, listen to presentations, consider questions and pass along referrals. The full spectrum of sales communications keeps the right people travelling toward a successful sale and business relationship. Your website needs to consider and integrate all your marketing assets.

The process starts with a copywriter asking you questions. Then with them you can discuss options on how to get potential customers thinking of you 1st.

Hiring a quality copywriter can be the difference between mass sales and no sales!

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