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Did you know that a domain name is one of the most important aspects to marketing your business online? A primary concept that we have encouraged all of our clients to practice is coming up with a domain name that explains your business. For example, if you grow Gala Apples, instead of calling your website “”, look at other options such as

What the general public and your viewing audience knows is that there are Gala Apples and they do exist and may even grow locally. If they are looking for a farm that grows Gala Apples, you need to be the domain that screams Gala Apples. GA Farms looks more like some initials than a farm that grows specifically Gala Apples! Your domain name should always be descriptive unless you have had years of branding your products or services under your belt.

Your Domain Name should be memorable, easy to remember, easy to type into a browser. I have seen some crazy domain names over the years; some that simply don’t make sense or are 50 characters long. Descriptive and Simple are the keys to domain name success.

Did you know that a domain name also has a direct impact on the search engines? Most search engines return the most relevant results. From our example above, if you grow Gala Apples and so does the farm beside you, and you use and they use the domain, you will most likely be returned higher in the results for someone searching for Gala Apples.

Nobody knows you or your business as well as you do and this is something you need to keep in mind and in the forefront of your marketing strategy. Perhaps check and see if your descriptive domain is available and get it registered today!

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Mini Article Written by Colin De Cristofaro


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