The Importance of a SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

What is a SSL?
SSL - Secure Sockets Layer

Look at your browser bar, the little lock before the url you are visiting signifies that the site is using SSL and your information is safe. In simple terms, a SSL creates an encrypted connection between your visitors computer and the server where your website lives. It prevents potential hackers from finding vulnerabilities in your website that can be exposed for negative purposes.

It allows you to provide peace of mind for visitors when selling items online. It is also provides that same peace of mind when you are collecting client or prospect data via online forms.

Note: If you are selling online, you won’t be able to obtain a merchant account unless you have a SSL on your website.

Google & Mozilla

There has been some recent buzz about making sure your website has a SSL attached to it. Most of the craze has been sparked by recent announcements made by Google. Some say that Google is going to drop your website ranking if you don’t have a SSL, which has not been technically confirmed for sure in writing.

What has been confirmed is that Google will be altering the appearance of sites when people are using Google Chrome. Sites that don’t have a SSL, the Google Chrome browser will show the user that the site they are visiting is “Not Secure” and the users information may not be safe if they enter it on any form. They started marking websites in January 2018 but will be in full swing as of July 2018 with all sites via Google Chrome.

Mozilla – Firefox will be doing something similar but according to reports, they will issue users graver warnings when information is being submitted on an online form.

Securing your visitors information is obviously very important. What is also important is your website ranking and positioning. Neither of these things should be taken for granted, even if you are currently at the top. We had noticed a recent drop in our own ranking, but have rebounded with the attachment of a SSL. Take it from us, it will affect your ranking!

How Does It Work?



Key Notable Benefits

– Keep the confidence of the visitors to your website
– Keep information encrypted when transmitting
– Keep Google and Mozilla Happy
– Keep your website ranking in a positive and growing position
– Your website will continue to provide a positive user experience without negative messages popping up

Do you have a website without a SSL?

Perhaps look into getting one installed on your website as soon as possible. If you have a WordPress website, you can simply contact FVWD Enterprises and we can assist you in getting set up right away!

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Article Written by: C. De Cristofaro

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