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Web Articles

Web Articles

Web Articles

Here is a list of our web articles and blog postings. If you would like to read a specific posting, simply click on the title. Be sure to connect with us on Facebook to keep in touch!

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What is Twitter

What is Twitter

What Is Twitter? Twitter is a social media network where friends, family, and coworkers can communicate as well as stay connected by using short, quick messages. Twitter allows users to create messages up to 140 characters to share with their network of individuals, also known as followers. The messages are referred to as Tweets in […]

Coffee vs Beer

The other day, I came across a great article titled “Coffee vs. Beer: Which drink makes you more creative?“Mikael Cho, a blogger and co-founder of Ooomf. In the article, he scientifically breaks down how coffee and beer affect your brain. It was so interesting that I decided to also share this infographic with you that was […]

Web Design - Abbotsford

Why Choose A Professional Website Designer

From a local plumber to a multimillion pound international company, the one thing that most businesses have in common is the need for a website to have an online presence to either attract new customers or enhance the brand and experience for the existing ones. Having an online visibility is critical now, with more and […]

Google Search Engine Tricks

Google Power Shortcuts

This Google information graphic is powerful to say the least. Through many sessions of tutoring and assisting others get around online, we have implemented much of this Google information into our teaching. Some of it will benefit you immediately and we encourage you to try it out.

Autumn Season Article

Autumn is Upon Us

Autumn is upon us and what is it about this season that makes it so desirable? I have created my own little list and wonder if you see anything you like. At Fraser Valley Web Design by CD, we love Autumn because it simply is a wonderful time of year for everything! Many companies run […]

Business Article - Web Marketing

Business Profiles and Link Strategies

Did You Know? ……..that having a ton of paid links into your website does not necessarily improve your ranking? Yes, they are inbound links, but, they are through a paid source. Right now we are talking about Business Directories and I am not saying they are bad in any way as they do increase traffic, […]


YELP, Yes or No?

Do you have your business listed on Yelp? Why not? Do you offer a service or product based business? Do you provide customer service? Do you have customers? Yelp is a powerful tool that simply should not be taken lightly. Not only will creating a profile on Yelp and obtaining positive reviews influence a future […]

Branding Your Product and Service

Fraser Valley Web Design provides branding and sales opportunities for your business, your website, your brand! They say that you need to touch someone a minimum of 7 times before they consider buying from you. We feel it is a little higher than 7 and that is why our focus is on branding your name, building it […]

Web Design

Why Fraser Valley Web Design

Every business should have a professional looking website that is eye-catching and effective. With FVWD Web Design you get more than a website. Having a strong online presence is beneficial for any business to supersede in the industry, and the place to start is with a website that can be found and inspire those that are […]

Fraser Valley Web Design - Web Terminology Glossary

Glossary of Web Terminology

Here is a list of Common Web Terminology for your reference. If you do have questions about this reference material, please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime. ACCESSIBILITY: Relates to web design/coding standards and refers to how easy it is for everyone to use your website, including people who are visually impaired or […]

Fraser Valley Web Design Domain Name Extensions

Setting Up The Right Domain Name

Did you know that a domain name is one of the most important aspects to marketing your business online? A primary concept that we have encouraged all of our clients to practice is coming up with a domain name that explains your business. For example, if you grow Gala Apples, instead of calling your website […]

Web Design Referral Program

Web Design Referrals & Affiliates

Referrals and Affiliates FVWD has just launched their referral and affiliate program to provide a reward and thank you for each and every referral they receive. Yes, it is true! We are giving out Prepaid Visa’s and other rewards for sending us paid in full referral clients and driving traffic to our website. We find so […]

Website Design Mistakes

Avoiding Simple Web Design Mistakes

Many of the world’s websites suffer from simple web design mistakes that can dramatically impact their effectiveness. We’ve compiled a list of the 17 common mistakes with helpful advice on how to avoid them. It is our hope that this list will help you to ensure that your site is not similarly affected. Some of these […]

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