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Below you will find profile listings to several websites we represent and sell web banner advertising space for their website. Be sure to look at each of the websites and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at anytime. We will be adding sites on a regular basis so check back often if the sites below do not fit with your business.

Our pricing is pretty standard but there are some sites that are a little more. Those sites typically have a higher level of traffic moving through them including from Social Media platforms. As we believe in business development online, many of our sites are connected through linking strategies. Because of this, our cost efficient advertising solutions through web banner advertising becomes even more valuable when you advertise on more than one website each month.

Our Commitment
To provide our advertising clients with quality websites to increase brand awareness while driving new traffic to their website thus potentially increasing sales and provide our publisher websites with quality and subject related advertising to effectively monetize and fill available space on their websites.

Why Choose Our Advertising Solutions?

  • We will think not only inside the Box but we are not afraid to step outside the Box!
  • Our marketing tactics are not just simplified to display advertising, we work with our clients to benefit from other facets related to online marketing exposure.
  • We have years of effective and results driven online marketing experience.
  • Customer Service driven is what we are. We are not here to simply satisfy our customers, we are here to Amaze Them!
  • Cost Effective Advertising Solutions & Demographic Specific while Maximizing your ROI (Return on Investment)

The websites below allow online banner advertising in the following sizes and costs are based on a monthly time frame. There are no pay per click opportunities on these sites, and there are no rotating banner positions. This site has fixed banner positions on every page. Every banner space you purchase links to your desired web link and will open in a new web browsing window.

Questions? Simply Contact Us and Let’s Get Your Questions Answered!

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