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What Makes a Good Mobile Website?

Quality web design, appeals to the visitors eye, easy navigation, quality portfolio of your work or what you do, and some cool tools to make your site stand out from the next one.

What Makes an AWESOME Website?

A quality responsive website design, a site that appeals to your visitor’s, has easy navigation, quality portfolio, and has effective SEO elements built into the optimized quality content. An awesome website needs to be ready for all marketing desired once it goes live and not look at implementing these features later. This is why we do it as we build!

Simple Right? Well, we think it is. We are Internet Marketers and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists and that is how we approach every website build we do. If your website can’t be found by your potential customer, supporter, or special interest visitor, then you simply have another brochure you need to give out to everyone you meet. Our responsive websites meet Web Standards, built with accessibility, usability and are functionally responsive on all mobile devices.

Your Website Should Work For You 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week, 365 Days a Year!
You Should Never Have To Work For It!

When a responsive website is built with SEO and Online Marketing in mind, it takes a different path than one simply built with no marketing in mind. You get a ton of additional benefits that your competition has overlooked; budgeting to get found!

Web Design Marketing

Utilizing the newest WordPress technology, the web development and design you receive at Fraser Valley Web Design (FVWD) creates a memorable experience for your target market. The implementation of communication tools through your website is essential to create a significant impact in the marketplace even when working with a smaller budget.

Your web presence should not be shortchanged; it should stand proud along side of Fortune 500 companies. As your web presence building partner, it is our objective to walk you through the complete process while providing you with the quality web development services that will provide countless brand opportunities for your business.

Web Development is not just putting up a website and walking away. It is much more! When our company builds a website, we implement the Search Engine Optimization components required for quality search engine ranking. FVWD will also optimize your website and provide fundamental features such as social media links, newsletter subscriptions, contact forms, and even a photo gallery. Fundamentals of a website in today’s era is a lot different than that of 5 years ago. Fully optimized websites are simply required to make the largest impact!

Why do we use WordPress as our solo platform of choice? Well simply put, it is one of the easiest and user friendly platforms in the web world today! Our clients like the ease of use when they just want to update a promotion, change some wording on a page or even add an email to their subscriber list. WordPress is ever evolving and it becomes more advanced each day while keeping the simplicity for our clients. It is ultimately about you!

Where do we start?

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