At FVWD, we appreciate each web design referral we receive. Even if you have never personally taken advantage of our services as a client, you are still more than welcome to participate in this program. We look at this as a simple way of saying thank you. Most referral programs offer you credit on their products or services, or a specific gift card for a specific store and many times somewhere you don’t shop. We figure that you should be able to enjoy and treat yourself to something you like! We Offer Cash!

For each referral we receive that results in a Paid in Full service for our Web Development Packages, Monthly Marketing Packages, or our Social Media Program for 6 full month term, we will thank you as outlined below.

Web Design Referral Program

Web Development Services

You Earn cash for each successfully paid in full client you refer to us for our Silver, Gold and Platinum Packages. Make sure they tell us you referred them! Visit our Easy Referral Form Now….

Silver Web Package: $500 Referral Fee Gold Web Package: $750 Referral Fee Platinum Web Package: $1000 Referral Fee

SEO Marketing Services

When you refer a SEO Marketing Package client, we will pay you 10% of the monthly fee we receive. So, when someone signs up for an period of time, you get paid every month when they pay us! Visit our Easy Referral Form Now….

Social Media Marketing

When you refer someone to us for Social Media Marketing services, we will pay you 10% of what we receive from them each month they are paying for our social media services. Visit our Easy Referral Form Now….

All Referral Fees are paid within 30days of FVWD receiving payments from referral clientele. All Client payments must clear our accounting process. All referral fees are paid via e-transfer. ALL TAXES and FEES are that of the referring party and no deductions are made from the referral fees. Referral Fees do not include tax received by the company from the client, nor do they include any hourly rate consultation fees collected from the client. Referral Fees do not include Social Media Marketing or SEO Marketing Setup Fees as they are not included in the referral program; standard monthly fees only.

Web Design Referral Fees are based on regular priced packages only and do not include any promotional offers made by FVWD. Referral fees can’t be combined with any other reward program or offer made by FVWD. Clients utilizing the benefits of a discount through other rewards programs are not included in the referral program.

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