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Why 33 minutes? Well, the first 1.5 min is the greeting, the final 1.5 minutes is the thank you salutation time. We want to make sure you actually get 30 full minutes for your business! This consultation is about your business and we want to know all about it. We would like to know where you see yourself online, what you are currently doing to leverage business on the web, and what perhaps you are finding challenges with.

Are we going to hard sell you? NO! We will provide some insight into what we may already know about your online presence from research done prior to the call. We won’t sell you! If you are able to walk away with quality information that may help you and your business, wonderful. We can only hope that when you do require a service we offer, you will think of us first. Perhaps that is today, and perhaps it is several months from now. Either way, we got to learn more about your business and you got to learn a little more about ours.

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