Do you have your business listed on Yelp? Why not?

Do you offer a service or product based business?

Do you provide customer service?

Do you have customers?

Yelp is a powerful tool that simply should not be taken lightly. Not only will creating a profile on Yelp and obtaining positive reviews influence a future customer’s decision when it comes to your business, but it will also assist in your online positioning. By creating a profile, you can create traffic that will come to your website simply through the website link you create.

Did you know?

Yelp sees an average of 142 million users each month!

Yelp allows you to post your photos, live link to your website, your hours, phone number and so much more……. For FREE!

 A Few Tips for You….. 

Create a full profile on Yelp and do not leave any aspect incomplete. Portfolio pictures, business information including your business bio, and all the pertinent links they request. The more information you provide Yelp, the more they have to work with. They are also in business to create traffic so valuable content and full profiles make them happy as it helps them build their company as well.

Pictures are SO IMPORTANT! Whether you are a service or product based business, make sure you can supply images of your products or services. Images sell! Consumers in general will make that decision to buy a lot quicker if they have images to refer to.

Did you know that Yelp provides their logo to you so you can put it on your website? Yes, indeed they do! This is so important for so many reasons. It allows visitors to your website to see your profile on Yelp easily. It also provides them an opportunity to review your business on Yelp easily. Both aspects are very important as they can be attributed to an increase in sales as well as allow you to conduct your own customer service research for your business. Linking to Yelp has tons of online positioning benefits so don’t forget to put a Yelp icon like ours on the bottom of your website or blog!

Advertising on Yelp. Many existing and potential clients have asked me what I think about advertising on Yelp. I did a little research and we have heard tons of positive feedback from our own clients who have advertised on Yelp. The ROI (Return on Investment) appears to be very strong so when you create a profile, perhaps inquire about the Yelp advertising aspect for your business.

Yelp is powerful and structurally sound. Their website is easy to use for even the newest of web and internet users so check out Yelp and get on there. By the way, when you do, connect with me!

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Written by: Colin De Cristofaro, Owner, Fraser Valley Web Design by CD

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